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Chinese Oil Paintings

Chinese oil paintings are a relatively new art form in China. In traditional Chinese paintings, watercolor based inks are used. The influence of western oil painting in China began developing in 19th century. By the 20th century, Chinese artists began to create fresh and bold new styles of painting.

The properties of oil paints differ from water color in used traditional Chinese paintings. Because of these differences, using the same traditional water color painting supplies can ruin watercolor tools. Having a second set of tools dedicated to oil painting is essential.

Because oil paints are a fairly new medium in the Chinese art culture, artists are considered to be creating contemporary Chinese paintings. Chinese artists using oil paints are painting subjects that have for a long time been considered taboo in China. These painters are often referred to as avante garde artists.

Chinese Oil Painting

Avante garde subjects can be social and political topics, nudes, religious, commercial products, sexuality, and the western existential style.

Once considered taboo, Chinese oil paintings of replicas are becoming popular in western countries. The rise in popularity of these replicas has created a new market. This new market has made it possible for artists to make a living with these paintings and still have enough time to paint original paintings.

When considering new art purchases, collectors have a new medium to choose from. Chinese oil paintings cover all influence and subjects. The future of Chinese oil painting indeed has place in Chinese and Western culture.

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